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 Residential Property Management

1st Management Group, LLC

1st Management Group is a trusted team of licensed real estate professionals who are experienced in property management starting in Charles Town, WV in the 1990’s. With our well-rounded team and product offerings, we provide you with top of the line property management services. 1st Management Group management services are experienced in both residential and commercial real estate. Townhouses, single family homes, apartment complexes, office, and commercial buildings are areas of expertise. Our mission is to remove owners from the day to day management duties and provide maximum returns on owner’s investment. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Our Services To Our Property Owners

Marketing: Rental properties will be listed through the MRIS which feeds to national real estate websites. is an additional resource we have specialized listings through.


Accounting:  A local CPA firm uses Quickbooks to account for all owners income & expenses.


Adinistration: We have professionally prepared leases, comprehensive back ground checks and credit checks for tenants. Should things not work out with the tenants we pursue Wrongful Occupation through the local Magistrate Court.


Maintain: We are set up with licensed contractors to take care of large or small repairs. Due to the volume of maintenance and repair we have preferred rates so our property owners are not burdened with large repair invoices.


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